About Me

From Baking to Web Development


Graduated with the High Honours from Seneca College!

Currently learning React JS, Angular JS and TypeScript.


I moved to Toronto.

The pandemic has changed the world we are living in and I felt I needed to adapt to this new world.

Therefor I decided to go back to school to learn what I now call my passion: Web Development at the Seneca College, where I graduated with the High Honours.


Back to France and back to the Public Service, in the cultural office.
To be part of a team that organizes cultural events was one of the best experience in my professional life.

Meeting artists, famous or not, and being able to see all kind of show, concert, play, and witnessing the audience's reaction is absolutely fulfilling.
Human's creation can be beautiful and is necessary.


I moved to Italy and lived the "Dolce Vita" for a year and a half.

This experience showed me another culture, and this is where I discover I liked the architecture.
I could stand in front of a huge ancient building and see how great it was that men could create such a structure, which is still standing today.


After receiving a massage, I felt the need to explore Ayurvedic massages (relaxing and therapeutic Indian massage). I followed a training, obtained a certificate and started practicing on the side.

When you give a massage, you need to read and to listen to the other's energy. You create a relationship, you give and you receive.


Back to school in the administration field.

After an internship in a City Hall and once I got my diploma, I found a position in the French Public Service and worked there for the most of my life (18 years).

With this experience, I have acquired very strong organizational skills.


I started my professional life at 14 with a baking training. This two-year program brought me my first work experience.

It gave me this first feeling of creation. It is beautiful to have something in mind, thinking of how and what to do to create it, take the time, try again and again and finally see the result.